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Inspiring portrait - Deshun Wang

Posted by Marie-Claude Lemire on
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In our inspiring portrait series today, we present:  Deshun Wang

He’s been described as an “internet sensation”… and “the hottest grandpa” – and we do agree!

This 80-year-old man is proof that there is no age limit to make your dreams come true.

Deshun Wang reminds us that there is much to be explored as we age.  “When you think it’s too late, be careful you don’t let that become your excuse for giving up.”  

Judge by yourself:

At 44, he started learning English.
At 49 he learned pantomime.
At 50 he started working out.
At 65 he learned to ride a horse.
At 70 he started working on his abs.
At 78 he learned how to drive a motorbike.
In 2015, at 79, he walked in a sold out runway show at China Fashion Week.


"There is no too late. No one can stop you from succeeding; you just need to set your mind to it." - Deshun Wang

Nothing is impossible in life… and life is now.

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