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Once upon a muse…

Posted by Marie-Claude Lemire on
Muses Design Urns - modern funeral urn for cremation

But what is a muse?

In literary terms, muses are a source of inspiration, for poets and artists in general.

In Greek mythology, muses are Zeus’ and Mnemosyne’s daughters. They act as intermediaries between artists and gods.

In real life, it’s you and it’s me. It is our love, our children, our friends, our family, our life partner. We are all inspiration for someone.

The story of Muses Design Urns begins many years ago, when Jacques’ story ended. It is a wonderful story inspired by life; life that flows by gently as well as life that goes by fast.

My father-in-law loved theatre, jazz and poetry. He had an inspiring, vibrant, strong, genuine, revolutionary and nonconformist personality. When he died, none of the urns on the market represented the larger-than-life man he was.

One of his friends, a cabinetmaker, was inspired by his story and agreed to manufacture for him a funeral urn worthy of who he was and of the way we wanted to remember him. This urn turned out to be magnificent, just like Jacques was.

As of that moment, I wanted everyone to have a work of art worthy of their life story.

And, just like life, the idea matured. It became Muses and Jacques became my muse.

“Art elicits emotions, moves us, arouses us, makes us dream. Art is a source of inspiration. People who we love inspire us. Our urns transcend and symbolize this inspiration. Our urns are inspiring Muses.”

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